Absolutely Yes they Are.  And they Look Brand New!

All items are original Cisco hardware and are completely refurbished Cisco Phone to be in Just-Like-New condition.  We guarantee all items to be in this state when you receive them.

Each system is cleaned thoroughly inside and out.  The fans are lubed with silicone spray and the paint retouched or repainted.

Each part / phone is labbed up in our testing facilities with your specific configurations.  All the phones and phone lines are tested and configured.  The AutoAttendant and VoiceMail are setup as well.

When each part is verified as in perfect condition, the phones and phone system are shrink wrapped and labeled.  Each phone shows name and extension for easy placement once you receive them.


All phones and phone system carry a 1 Year Warranty where we will replace any item that is defective, regardless of the reason.  Our warehouse carries hundreds of phones and phone systems in stock at all times.

We have, on staff, Cisco Certified Network Professionals that specialize in Cisco VoIP Services (CCNP Voice).

Clean Original Cisco at a Budget Price with a Quality Provider you can Trust will serve your Phone Needs Now and in the Future.