Friendly, knowledgeable, speedy

We had been shopping for a phone vendor for several weeks, and met numerous companies and phone system sales personnel. Other companies in the South Florida market offered acceptable prices, but their level of service, product knowledge, and follow up or response was very poor. The last thing we wanted for our growing company was poor product service and follow up.
As I found VoipPBXExpress, I contacted them and had a good technical discussion, they provided a clear picture of what products I was going to receive, and in great detail told me the implementation work. Prices were very reasonable as well.
As we proceeded with the order, we were surprised with the professionalism and speed on the implementation of our new Cisco telephone system.
Employees were very happy, and left notes on my desk thanking me for their new phones. So far, we're very pleased with the quality of these phones, the service follow ups, and the communication between our two companies and our network technician. I highly recommend them based on their sales and product knowledge, and their exceptional customer service. We've already ordered more phones as our company continues to grow and adding them takes literally minutes to activate.

- Alto Investments