Voippbxexpress to the rescue!

I called Scot several months ago when I was researching VOIP phone systems and Scot was very pleasant and professional. He took the time to explain to me the system and even offered me a visit to his office to see the phones in action. I was going back and forth with the decision between a Costco system by Intermedia and a Cisco system from Scot's company. I ended going with Costco because they offered free financing so the cash out of pocket was less. What a mistake. From the first day we had problems which continued for months until I couldn't take it any longer. I reached out to Scot again and visited his office in Kent. The entire team is awesome, they're responsive, professional and they have the best product. I'm 100% satisfied with both the product and the company selling and supporting it. I would gladly recommend Voippbx Express to anyone looking for the best equipment at the best price, you won't be disappointed.

Rich Boyd