What is Safe-Net?

VoIP PBX Maintenance

Safe-Net is our Premium Maintenance Agreement that allows customers to purchase On-Going Service Contracts for better Equipment Coverage and Service Response Levels.

Safe-Net distinguishes you as a Priority.  You have access to an exclusive phone number and Emergency Service if you require.

We stock spares for all Safe-Net customers.  It’s not often that equipment will fail, but it does happen occasionally.  As a Safe-Net customer, you will never have to worry about replacement parts.  We will stock spares in our warehouse just for Safe-Net customers and if you do need a part, we will cover your overnight USPS Express shipping.

For planning and consulting, we will always have a Cisco Certified Professional available to answer your technical questions, even about your data network and at $7 per phone per month it covers your entire PBX System for a Very Low Cost of ownership.



Safe-Net Premium Service
Agreement Highlights

Replacement Spares

Immediately Available
1000s of Phones in Stock, 100s of Systems
Never be without a Spare

Priority Customer Support

Service Calls Answered & Handled First
Priority Incoming Phone Line

Online Live Monitoring

CPU, Memory, FAN, Interface watched Real Time
Intricate Network Troubleshooting
Instant Configuration Access for Quick Changes

Emergency Support Available 24/7

Primary Support 7am-5pm PST
Free USPS Priority Express Service
6 & 12 Month Promotional Discounts Available