Terms & Conditions

Copyright, All Rights Reserved, VoIP PBX Express LLC.  2017


Opening Statement

            The following terms and conditions serve as a contract between VoIP PBX Express and its consumers. Any participation in our service or purchase of our equipment will constitute acknowledgement, understanding and acceptance of the following agreement.

Your VoIP PBX System General Project Flow

Once you have purchased and paid for your phone system a project manager will contact you to get some initial information regarding your site, once that information has been returned to us, we will be able to write a customized system configuration as well as stage and test your system prior to shipping. Once you receive your system we will contact you to schedule a Remote Assisted Installation and Training session. After the installation has been completed successfully you will receive a letter of completion. From the date that you receive that letter you have will have 30 days to make any adds, moves, or changes that are necessary.

A VoIP PBX PHONE SYSTEM, By Definition Includes;

POE Switch, PBX Router and IP Phones—Voicemail & Auto Attendant NOT included on all systems.


Note: VoIP PBX Express works on an APPOINTMENT BASIS ONLY

for all Service, Installation, Troubleshooting and Programming Appointments

General Index

Section 1………………………………………General Terms of Use

                        Article 1………………………………Payment Procedures

                        Article 2………………………………Key Supplier Responsibilities

                        Article 3………………………………Key Consumer Responsibilities

Section 2………………………………………Equipment Warranty

                        Article 1………………………………1 Year No Fault Warranty

                        Article 2………………………………Replaced Equipment Warranty

Section 3………………………………………Client Support Policy

                        Article 1………………………………PBX System Installation

                        Article 2………………………………Technical Support

Section 4……………………………………… Privacy Policy

Section 5……………………………………… Return Policy

Section 6……………………………………… Add-On Services

Section 7……………………………………… Safe-Net Protection

Section 1 – General Terms of Use

Article 1 – Payment Procedures

The VoIP PBX Phone System project will not begin until Payment is received IN FULL.
IF you complete your purchase through the online portal, you will be required to make a payment at that time.
If you complete your purchase through an in person sales proposal, an invoice will be created for you, and we will expect payment within 24 hours of proposal acceptance.
If you need to pay using a check or bank wire transfer, please advise us of this information prior to sending the check, and do so knowing that the project will remain inactive until we receive payment and it clears the appropriate banking channels.
The same procedure applies to any billable technical support and / or add on services.
If you have an open invoice with VoIP PBX Express that extends past 30 days overdue, we will suspend your technical support privileges until your balance is brought current.  
Article 2 – Key Supplier Responsibilities

Provide the consumer with the correct equipment.
Provide the consumer with equipment that has been properly tested and cleaned.
Provide the consumer with the correct connections to allow remote PBX access.
Maintain prompt communication with the consumer.
Complimentary Technical Support within the first 30 days after the system is installed.
Billable Technical Support any time after the initial 30 days.
Resolution of any issues or complaints in a timely and efficient manner.
Article 3 – Key Consumer Responsibilities

Consumer will utilize the VoIP PBX system as designed.
Consumer will provide VoIP PBX Express with uninhibited access to the equipment, software, and services for the purpose of installation, maintenance, updates, and fault prevention.
Consumer will notify VoIP PBX Express of any issues or problems within a timely manner via the appropriate communication channels.
Consumer will notify VoIP PBX Express of any potential changes to its PBX System.
EXAMPLE: If staff are beginning to connect their mobile devices to the company network, the supplier will need to adjust services accordingly.
Consumer will ensure that there is a valid phone line available for testing during the assisted installation.
NO LIVE CUTOVERS (If the consumer chooses to attempt a live cutover during the installation appointment there will be an additional $500.00 labor fee charged)
If consumer is using SIP Trunks we strongly recommend the consumer obtain a public static IP.
If you are using a Public Static IP Address for SIP Trunks, we STRONGLY recommend being behind a firewall.
The consumer understands without a public static IP there is a risk for security threats for which VoIP PBX Express cannot be held responsible for.
Consumer understands that VoIP PBX Express works on an appointment basis ONLY for all service, troubleshooting and installation calls
Consumer demonstrates understanding of these Terms & Conditions.




Section 2 – Equipment Warranty

Article 1 – 1 Year NO FAULT Equipment Protection

A One Year No Fault Equipment Warranty comes complimentary with the purchase of a new system.
The No Fault warranty begins from the delivery date of the system.
VoIP PBX Express will replace any HARDWARE OR EQUIPMENT that is DOA or has been damaged during shipping.
VoIP PBX Express will also replace any defective unit within the first year of service.
The EQUIPMENT Warranty DOES NOT cover service appointments or any remote access to the PBX for the purpose of troubleshooting.
This warranty will cover the failed equipment and the programming involved for the replacement device, however the equipment warranty WILL NOT cover ANY extensive troubleshooting prior to the part being replaced.
Article 2 – Replaced Equipment Warranty

If the consumer has a part replaced under the equipment warranty, that part’s warranty will continue based on the amount of warranty the defective part had at the time of the return.  
If a replacement part is PURCHASED, it does come standard with a new one-year no fault warranty
The above also applies to any add-on devices purchased.

Section 3 – Client Support Policy  

            Article 1 –PBX System Installation

VoIP PBX Express will provide a Remote Assisted Installation to every consumer that purchases a system
If the consumer chooses not to complete the Remote Assisted Installation VoIP PBX Express cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise after a self-installation is complete.
VoIP PBX Express will not provide any configurations, pre-setup, programming or technical support until the Remote Assisted Installation is complete.
VoIP PBX Express reserves the right to reschedule the appointment if the consumer is not ready for the appointment at the time of the call.
Remote Assisted Installations are completed on an appointment basis ONLY—there will not be any installations or any type of technical setup completed without an appointment.
Consumer will properly follow instructions given by VoIP PBX Express prior to installation appointment.
The Remote Assisted Installation appointment marks the completion of your project, it also marks the beginning of your complimentary 30 days of technical support—if the appointment is never completed, we will not be able to verify the start of your 30 days, therefore—completing a self-installation without our engineers will forfeit your 30 days and any service appointment will become a billable service.
**PLEASE NOTE: Our engineers here at VoIP PBX Express work tirelessly to make sure that your system is configured just right for your needs, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Remote Assisted Installation as well as the 30 days of free support so that we can guarantee the functionality of your system.

Article 2 – Technical Support

Consumer will receive 30 days of unlimited adds, moves, changes, and troubleshooting within the first 30 days after the installation is completed. If consumer does not complete remote assisted installation, the 30 days is void and all technical setup and support will be billable.
Adds, Moves, Changes are defined as anything that requires an engineer to remotely access the system to complete tasks including, but not limited to; Changing extension names, reconfiguring, internal reboots, editing call flow or patterns, troubleshooting call flow or patterns, NTP settings, voicemail resets or passwords changes, internal function and feature edits or removing/adding information to the system.
Troubleshooting is defined as anything that requires remote access due to but not limited to,  customer relocation of equipment, IOS changes, power outages, weather occurrences, telecommunication errors, internal configuration changes not made by VoIP PBX Express, security errors, firewalls, and/ or user error—and will be considered a billable service after your first 30 days.
VoIP PBX Express will go through BASIC troubleshooting steps first, and then escalate to more in depth troubleshooting if necessary.
Consumer understands that any troubleshooting outside of what is considered basic performed after 30 days will be BILLABLE at a rate of $125.00 per hour with a 1-hour minimum.
Consumer understands that any troubleshooting must be SCHEDULED and is performed on an appointment basis ONLY.
Consumer understands that VoIP PBX Express cannot and will not be held responsible for troubleshooting or supporting any equipment not provided by us.
If there is any emergency with your PBX system VoIP PBX Express will do it’s best to deliver prompt and timely service.  
If you would like to purchase a PREPAID SERVICE HOUR BLOCK to utilize in any instance of the above scenarios you may, we offer a 4 Hour Service Hour Block for $450.00 (which is a 50.00 discount on the hourly rate)
If you choose to take part in our Safe-Net Premium Maintenance Agreement (Section 7) than the above conditions will not apply to you.
Section 4 – Privacy Policy 

At all times during contractual period the client shall hold in strictest confidence, and not use, or disclose to any person, firm, or corporation without the prior written authorization of VoIP PBX Express.
At all times during contractual period VoIP PBX Express shall hold in strictest confidence, and not use, or disclose to any person, firm, or corporation without the prior written authorization of consumer or client. This includes but is not limited to; financial information, internal network information, and/or sensitive company information.
The client shall maintain the confidentiality and security of the Confidential Information until such time as all Confidential Information disclosed under this agreement becomes publicly known and is made generally available through no action or inaction of the client. However, to the extent that the Company has disclosed information to the client that constitutes a trade secret under law, the client shall protect that trade secret for as long as the information qualifies as a trade secret.
The client will treat the Confidential Information as confidential and will not disclose it to any third party or use it for any purpose but to fulfill their contractual obligations in this agreement. In addition, the client shall use due care and diligence to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of that information.


Section 5 – Return Policy

You may return most new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.
Items must be returned within 30 days of invoice date for full refund excluding shipping and handling fees. 
Claims for missing items must be communicated within 7 days of receipt of merchandise.  If the items are not as originally shipped, WE WILL NOT OFFER A FULL REFUND. 
Any item returned past 30 days will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.  Any item over 60 days will be subject to a 50% restocking fee.  NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 90 DAYS.
No Refund will be issued for ANY Softphone Purchases.
No Refund will be issued if the Compact Flash VOID sticker is broken, damaged, or in any way tampered with.  

Process for Returning:


1.         Obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number within 30 days of the receipt of your package. Please note: returns will not be accepted without an RMA Number. RMA Numbers expire 30 days after the date they are created; the return will not be accepted if it is received after that time.  Contact your Project Manager to obtain an RMA Number.

2.         Once the RMA is created, you will receive an automated RMA confirmation email. Your confirmation will include the RMA Number, as well as address where you should ship your return. Please include a brief note describing the reason you are returning the merchandise and write the RMA# on the outside of the shipping package.  All returned or exchange items must be shipped back with the original packaging, along with all accessories.

Important Note: For your protection, please send your return via a shipping service that can be tracked, such as Registered USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Please be sure to keep your receipt, as well as the tracking information associated with item(s) returned. We cannot guarantee refunds for returns sent via a non- traceable method.

3.         Once received at our facility, your return will be processed within 5 to 7 business days. Credits are processed upon confirmation and inspection of the return. You will receive an automated e-mail notification confirming your return has been processed. Please allow up to two billing cycles for the return credit to appear on your credit card statement.

Please note, credits are processed for the original cost paid for the merchandise and tax. Shipping and handling fees will not be refunded. 

If you return an item in unacceptable condition, we will not be able to process a refund and will therefore ship the merchandise back to you.


Section 6 – Add – On Services

            There are several additional services and devices that we offer to go along with your VoIP PBX system. If you are interested in any of these additional services, contact your project manager.

Available Add-Ons

2nd Auto Attendant Buildout
Voicemail to Email
VPN Tunneling
Technical Service Hour Blocks
Customized IP Settings
Specific Phone Model Upgrades
SIP Express Service
Wireless IP Phone
Cisco Headsets
Safe-Net Premium Maintenance and Protection Plan
UPS Power Supply
Network Building (Hourly Service)
 Remote or Home Sites
The client can add or upgrade equipment at any time, once the upgrade is requested an invoice will be drafted and sent—THE ADD ON WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. **Note: All Associated Programming is included with the purchase of the device.  (as defined in Section 1, Article 1)

Section 7 – Safe Net Premium Maintenance & Protection Plan

            We offer a premium maintenance and protection plan. Safe-Net is a way for you to pay on a monthly basis for prioritized service as well as a lower billing rate for any billable technical support appointments.

The client MUST REQUEST AND ACCEPT A Safe Net Proposal
The client can opt in at any time.
Safe Net provides the client with a private service line and prioritized assistance and scheduling.
Safe Net provides the client with a billable rate of $85.00 for any troubleshooting, moves, adds, or changes. (as defined in Section 3, article 2)
Safe Net provides the customer with extended equipment protection for the paid term of the plan. (as defined in Section 2, Article 1)
Safe Net is calculated as a  rate of $7.00 per phone per month and is paid 12 months at a time and covers the entire PBX System.
The Minimum monthly billing for Safe Net is $49.00 per month.
If the number of phones in your system does not equal to $49.00 per month at the per phone rate, you will be charged the monthly minimum rate.
Safe Net is a yearly contract, once a proposal is accepted, you thereby agree to pay for one full year. If you choose to terminate your Safe Net contract prior to the years end you will be required to pay the remaining balance on your contract from the date of cancellation. If you terminate your contract, you will be required to pay the remaining balance upfront.
If you are interested in Safe Net, please contact your project manager for more information.