The 5 Color – Five Executive Color IP Phone System – with GUI and All Gigabit




This complete all Cisco IP-PBX Phone System is a Plug & Play setup.  It includes 7965 model Cisco IP Phones, POE switch, and IP PBX.  This Cisco Small Business Phone System connects to your existing phone company as it includes ports for analog (FXO), ISDN PRI, or SIP. The Auto-attendant acts as a “Virtual Receptionist” that presents and phone tree to caller and can automatically route callers based on their menu selection.  Voicemail is included and each phone lights up when you have a new message. This is a 100% Gigabit Ethernet Solutions, POE Switch and IP Phones both. Every phone has a large COLOR LCD display to give you caller-ID information, share and monitor phone lines, input speed dial, customize ring tones and more.   Music-on-hold is included and can be customized as well as your company logo can be easily added to the LCD phone backgrounds. There is a Graphical User Interface or web GUI that allows you to manage and customize your system thru a web-browser.  Change voicemail pins, auto-attendant menu, extensions, names and more.   Easy to setup, the programming guide will walk you thru connecting phone lines and cat5 ports.  The VLANs are pre-programmed so connecting your ethernet is simple and fast.  The easy to follow Phone User guides show you how to answer, transfer, hold, conference calls, and more. With an optional Remote-Assisted Install we will walk you thru every connection and fully program – customize your system with names and extensions, call-flow, auto-attendant, etc... Other optional features can be programmed such as voicemail-2-email, automatic call-distribution, firewall / VPN solutions, customized VLANs and switches, and more