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Cisco IP PBX Phone System with Color against orange background


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The 5 Executive - Cisco IP PBX Phone System with New Cisco 8800 Color Phones

The 5 Executive - Cisco IP PBX Phone System with New Cisco 8800 Color Phones
The 5 Executive - Cisco IP PBX Phone System with New Cisco 8800 Color Phones

The 5 Executive - Cisco IP PBX Phone System with New Cisco 8800 Color Phones

The Executive is a complete IP PBX Phone System with new current model Cisco 8800 series IP Phones.

These New Hi-Tech 8800 phones feature a brilliant design that features a 640x800 LCD color display where you can show off and exhibit your company logo.  Connect your SIP Trunks, Analog lines, or PRI to your Cisco IP PBX.  VPN users from home easily as the 8800 IP Phones work at your remote office exactly as they do at your main site.

This Complete IP PBX System includes the IP PBX, POE Switch, Voicemail & Auto-Attendant, Remote-Assisted Install, a 1 Year Warranty and a 1 Year Support Contract (Safe-Net).  You just need cat5 and phone lines.

Full Gigabit Networking allows for 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections through each phone and VLAN configuration allows phones and PCs to share an ethernet drop so installing your VoIP system over your existing LAN is easy and fast.  We help you configure your VLANs which will separate your voice and data networks for ease of management and a stable VoIP environment.

With your remote-assisted install we will completely customize your system and have you up and running in hours when you receive your new system.   From an easy to use web gui and we’ll train you so you can do most basic administration right on your browser.

All basic features are included such as call transfer, forward, intercom, conference and more.   Extended system enhancements are also included in the Executive system such as Voicemail to email, Night Ring, Auto-Attendant, all page, custom phone logos, and more!

System Includes:

  • Cisco CME IP PBX Phone System – 2900V-K9 ISR

  • 5 Cisco 8841 Executive Color IP Phones

  • Cisco POE All Gigabit Network Switch - 3750

  • SIP Trunks / FXO – Analog / PRI -T1 Pre-Programmed Interfaces

  • Auto-Attendant – Virtual Receptionist - external 2811

  • 20 User VoiceMail

  • 1 Year Safe-Net - Warranty and Technical Support

  • Access to Cisco Certified Professionals


  • 100% Cisco Hardware Solution

  • All Gigabit Ethernet

  • Beautiful Cisco Color Phones

  • Connects to your Existing or New Phone Lines

  • Auto-Attendant – Virtual Receptionist

  • QOS – Quality of Service with VoIP Classifications

  • Plug and Play Setup

  • Complete Web GUI Management

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Custom Image (Your Logo) for Phones

  • Voice Licensed

  • Full Feature List

System Add Ons

  • Remote-Assisted Install with Full Customization

  • Remote Offices / VPN Work at Home

  • Custom Background Images for Phones (Your Logo Here!)

  • Custom Music-On-Hold

  • Company Wide Speed dial (up to 10,000 #s)

  • Complex VLAN Switch Programming

  • Advanced Cisco Routing or Programming

  • Firewall Security Setup / Configuration

  • PA Paging System Integration

Additional Phones Available

  • Receptionist Phones

  • Conference Phones

  • Video Phones

  • Audio and Video Door Phones

  • Wireless Phones

  • More…


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