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Cisco IP PBX Phone System with Color against orange background


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Why Choose VoIP PBX Express?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Cisco IP PBX Phone System with Color
Why Choose VoIP PBX Express?


There are many small businesses where an onsite VoIP PBX is clearly the best solution. The customers want to take advantage of the low monthly cost of phone lines and/or they require system performance you can only have with an on-premises VoIP PBX.

The two biggest negatives of VoIP PBX Systems are that they are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain. Both have been true for a very long time… Cisco, for example, is a workhorse product. Solid. Cisco can be difficult to configure and program. It is so sophisticated; the number of available options is enormous. It was our goal at VoIP PBX Express to find a better and more efficient way to bring costs down. We have accomplished just that.

We use standard small business template applications to match your individual needs to correlating programming modules. We stage systems in house as opposed to installing them onsite and when we send the system out it is 90% plug and play. We can access systems remotely to add efficiency to configuring, troubleshooting, and remotely managing each IP PBX. Our project managers have become small business VoIP PBX installation experts and each install averages less than 2 hours (with training). As a result, the overall cost drops and we offer reduced price Safe-Net Premium Service Agreements where we spare each item of the complete VoIP PBX System and provide priority technical support on demand.

Many small business owners and managers have learned a small amount about I.T. in the last decade, having to network their own computers. Cat5, network switches, etc. This makes it easy for us to explain over the phone how to connect the Cat5 cables involved. It allows the small business owner to use their basic network knowledge to enable us to deliver complex Cisco and Networking expertise, but in a more cost efficient method… and we pass the savings along in the low system prices.

VoIP PBX Express Value infographic
VoIP PBX Express Value infographic


VoIP PBX EXPRESS offers a range of New and Refurbished Turn-Key Cisco VoIP PBX Telephone Systems for small businesses throughout the US. Shop Now >



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