Small Business IP PBX Office Phone Systems

Small Business IP PBX Office Phone Systems

How Much Do We Know About an IP PBX Phone System? – Let’s Have a Look-See

An IP phone system is a sort of enterprise telephone switching system within an organization that enables the users to switch between voice over Internet Protocol or IP and local phone lines subscribed from the Telco. This also has the additional benefit of enabling user to partake in connections which are provided externally. Another capability which is typical to this kind of phone system is to empower the users of business communication solution top switch between the internet- based telephone and traditional phone systems as well between two plain old telephone service users.

During the period in which organizations used to have conventional PBX systems it required them to install separate networks for voice and data communications. However, with the advent of IP phone systems for small business with one single connection both data and voice networks can now be managed. Thus, with a single connection multiple-users can access the internet, use the traditional telephone capabilities and access the benefits of the voice over internet protocol like video conferencing and so on. This aids the organization in scalability and minimization of long-term expenditures.

Before IP PBX systems for small business, the physical network of phone companies was responsible for executing the needs of communication. Both signals sent and received were in the analog format. This had a wide-ranging negative impact on the quality of communication. Distortion was a common occurrence which led to misinterpretation and miscommunication. This resulted in poor customer retention as well. Later with increasing use of LAN an IP PBX systems for small business of sorts were established but in order for it function a complex ecosystem of multiple computers and terminals were required.

However, with small business IP PBX phone systems the analog voice started being converted into digital signal with the inclusion of communication interfaces. The interfaces were required by the telephones lines plugged into the computer system. Thereafter, the digital signals are now converted into IP packets and then transmitted over the internet to the target IP/SIP address. At the receiving end these IP packets are forts decoded and subsequently converted back to the audio that would be comprehended by a human ear. Such systems often entail a type of telephone apparatus, sometimes also called an IP phones that has been pre-allotted with SIP addresses, unique to each equipment. These apparatuses are directly connected to the router.

Small Business IP PBX Office Phone Systems

For IP PBX office phone systems to function a major requirement by the entire system is highspeed internet connection with a reliable bandwidth and connectivity. Moreover, utilizing SIP address or fixed IP addresses this kind of small office phone system can work great. It should be noted that the internet is required at the both the terminals. In case internet is not available at the caller’s terminal, the importance of Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN becomes prominent. The call is placed via PSTN to the local serve of the IP PBX system.

Advantages of IP phone systems for small business

An IP phone system augments the functionalities of the traditional PBX to a great extent because of the involvement of computers and connection to a high-speed internet connection. Specially the internet aspect of this communications systems enables the users to reap the benefits of additional communication features such as voicemail, emails, voicemail to email, scheduling calls, recording of calls, multiple call forwarding and so on. Thus, evidently there are quite a lot of advantages if the such kind of phones system is transitioned into or upgraded to. Let us take detailed look at it.

Small Business IP PBX Office Phone Systems

The benefits of IP PBX phone systems in details:

Ease of installation: This is a kind of phone system that runs on high speed internet connection, along with the use of high computational powers of an advanced computer, thanks to the continuous development of the processing power of the microprocessors. The additional capability of leveraging features of the operating systems like Ubuntu or Windows also contributes to the ease of installation. Any individual who are aware of the means and methodologies of computers and its connection to the network as well as computer networking can assemble an IP PBX phone system, of course it does require a modicum of training. In comparison with a proprietary telephone system an IP PBX phone systems phones system is much easier to install because there’s no proprietary knowledge required for such installation.

Ease of configuration: An IP PBX system for small business is easier to configure because of the fact that it could be managed through a graphical user interface which is mostly a web-based application. Therefore, managing an IP PBX system for small business is also possible remotely. On the other hand, a proprietary IP PBX system for small business that have certain features that only a telecom consultant or a technician from that particular organization can configure. This seriously restricts the flexibility during an emergency such as sudden malfunctioning of the phone system.

Elimination of huge operational costs: A small business IP PBX phone system certainly empowers an organization to reach out a wider customer base as well as network with other businesses in other continents because it can be integrated with a voice over protocol service provider. Further a seamless communication can be established with satellite offices on different states. This because the call charges remain consistent with package that has been subscribed to irrespective of the duration and distance of the call.

Small Business IP PBX Office Phone Systems

Nullifying the requirement of phone wires: This is a great advantage when it comes to switching over to IP PBX office phone systems. With IP PBX office phone systems an organization can opt for software phones that can simply be installed on the computers operating system. This eliminates the requirement of the extra ports for the phone lines. This elimination is also possible because of the convergence of internet and voice network that is facilitated by the IP PBX office phone systems. Shifting offices is now hassle free.

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