Best PBX System for Small Business

PBX: The Three Letters that’s Definitive as Communication Solutions

Presently businesses across the globe are primed to embrace technologically advanced operations infrastructure. Even though we haven’t arrived at a stage where a full scale adoption of artificial intelligence will happen but we are close. Training an artificially intelligent communication system as of now needs a lot work. However organizations would require new and improved communication solutions till we arrive at the aforementioned stage. In this regard the age old PBX is a worthy mention. It is because it is no more that age old. It has undergone an expansive transformation and it is now being used over internet.

Both small businesses and large organizations are aware of the fact that an expansive enhancement could be brought about in productivity, operations and essentially impacting customer services, if a superior and technological advanced system of communication solutions is transitioned into. Such a transition would not only bringing about changes in the organizations internal administration bringing about a great degree of transparency but also would help the organization in successfully scaling up in near as well as distant future. PBX phone system is capable of bring about such kind of change in the aforementioned areas of business.

PBX is the contraction of Private Branch Exchange. It is essentially a telephone network that is installed with the premises of an organisation. A PBX phones system may be used to execute the needs of communication both inside the premises of the organisation as well as communicate with parties or stakeholders who are located outside the premises of the organisation. This kind communication system may be integrated with various kinds of communication channels like ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol or an analogue one. With this system it is possible to add number phone lines thus paving the way for a multi-line phone system.

PBX System for Small Business

Now despite the increase in the number of participants and the resultant increase in volume of calls the charges billed to the organisation will not vary. This is because the subscription to the data bandwidth will only change if the consumer willing changes. Integrated voice response, call recording, voicemail, auto call attendance, call conferencing, auto rerouting are few of the features which the organisation benefits form with a PBX system for small business. These features if availed from the local telephone companies, it is definitely going to burn a hole in the coffers of the company.

Furthermore, in today’s market a lot of service providers are offering a unique solution that lets the organisation to host their PBX phone systems off premises. In this manner the organisations are relieved from undergoing a huge upfront cost of installing telecommunication equipment. Furthermore this allows the business to concentrate on other important aspects such as client acquisition and so on, while the service providers manages their system in offsite data centres, with regards to security, maintenance and timely upgrades. Security is best handled by the experienced and highly trained engineers.

PBX phone system ensures a sustainable organizational practice

In today’s world due to an increased rate of pollution, it is an imperative that every company should take active measures to reduce waste being an exemplar of an ec0-friendly organization. Still hanging on to the plain old telephone system because of the sheer apprehension that an internet enabled advanced communication solution will incur huge expenditure should hold you back. Heavy upfront cost would have been a reality a decade back but now with IP PBX that is the thing of past.

PBX System for Small Business

In view of above switching over to an IP PBX phone systems are an ideal move for an organization that is keen on fostering a business ecosystems which is not only environmentally friendly but also inclusive. The green benefits of embracing an IP PBX phone system are being illuminated by the following points.

1. Telecommuting: A breakthrough in rich communication with a reduced carbon footprint.
When the stakeholders of the business telecommute it results into a quite a lot of positive externalities for the business. The first impact is on the power consumption that is considerably reduced. The use of electrical appliances and other electronic devices aren’t required to be monitored. The requirement to utilize paper and other office stationery are also nullifies and as a result the monthly consumption of such materials is reduced. Deliverables of any form could be shared over an IP PBX system.
2. IP PBX system for small business requires less utilization of copper:
By transitioning to IP based telephony an office phone system undoubtedly adheres to an eco friendly means of communication. This is because a communication system which uses a internet doesn’t require copper wires to communicate any more. Further, due to the fact no underground or over head maintenance is necessitated the use of copper wire is absolutely voided.
3. IP PBX system enable the business large or small to hold video conferences
This facility helps in organization to exponentially reduce their carbon foot print. Further it reduces the operational cost of hiring vehicles for short distant travel as well it saves the organization from undertaking huge expenditures of availing flights.
4. IP PBX means less contribution to the increasing pile of e-waste

PBX System for Small Business

It is evident that the traditional phone lines would require a great assemblage of hardware to operate. On the other hand best small business PBX would only require computers and headset. And in some case the entire cradle and receiver. This is because the best small business PBX system are being offered by a new breed of Voice over Internet Protocol service providers who offers the organizations the facility to have their entire hardware replicated in the cloud. This is done in the offsite data management centre. The highly trained and qualified engineers are the ones who ensure a water tight security is maintained. This way the organization could be rest assured that their data and sensitive information would remain secure. Lesser hardware also means lesser propensity to lag behind upgrades.