Cisco Phone Systems for Small Business

We offer New and Refurbished Turn-Key Cisco VoIP PBX Telephone Systems.  Every system includes All-Original Cisco Hardware, Configuration, Remote-Assisted Install, and a 1 Year Premium Safe-Net Service Agreement. 

We have Cisco Certified CCNA and CCNPs on Staff and Project Managers to guide You from Network Design through Customization and Setup.

5, 10, 20, 50 & 100 Complete IP Phone Systems are Ready in Stock Now or click “Custom Proposal” to Receive a Detailed Quote with any Phone Configuration You Choose



VoIP PBX Express and our Unique Value Proposition…

An on-site VoIP PBX is clearly the best solution for many small businesses. The customer wants to take advantage of the low cost phone lines and/or they require system performance only available with an on-premise voice over IP PBX.

 The two biggest negatives of VoIP PBX Systems are that they are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain. Both have been true for a very long time. A Cisco VoIP PBX system is a solid workhorse product.  Such a system can be difficult to configure and program. It is so sophisticated that the number of available options is enormous. At VoIP PBX Express, our goal was to find a better and more efficient way to bring the costs down. We have accomplished just that.

 We stage IP PBX systems in house as opposed to installing them on-site and when we send the system out, it’s 90% plug and play. We can access VoIP PBX systems remotely to add efficiency to configuring, troubleshooting, and managing each IP PBX. Our project managers have become small business VoIP PBX installation specialists. As a result, the overall cost of each IP PBX drops and we offer low-cost, safe-Net Premium Service Agreements where we spare each item of the complete VoIP PBX System and provide priority technical support on demand.



Network Your Phone Systems

Network 2 Or More Phone Systems Together For Seamless Voicemail / Auto-Attendant / Receptionist Functions And 3-4 Digit Extension Dialing.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

100% Satisfaction guarantee on all our products!

100% Satisfaction guarantee on all our products!

- 100% Refurbished original Cisco Hardware
- 100% Guaranteed Like-New
- 100% Configuration and Support


Lower your IT Costs Today

Ask How You Can Have A More Effective Voice Phone System And Data Network And Lower Your IT Costs At The Same Time.

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  • The PBX

  • POE Network Switch

  • Phones And Accessories

  • Remote-Assisted Installation & Configuration

  • 1 Year Premium Safe-Net Service


We offer Small Business Cisco VoIP PBX Phone Systems for Less


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SIP Express - Unlimited SIP Trunks

Use your existing phone service:

  • FXO Analog POTS Landlines
  • ISDN PRI - Channelized T1
  • Digital Phone Lines - SIP Trunks

or use SIP Express Unlimited Local - Long Distance Phone Service:

5 Phone System - $59 / month
10 Phone System - $75 / month
20 Phone System - $97 / month

* Custom Quotes Available