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Who Is VOIP PBX Express?

VoIP Pbx Express is a company that was born out of the notion that there is a better way for Small Business Owners to buy and maintain Phone Systems and IT Network Infrastructure.


Our Story

Originally, our sister company was a distributor of Cisco training labs. These labs are purchased by Systems Engineers when they are studying for their Cisco certification exams like the CCNA, CCNA Voice, CCNP, CCNP Voice, and CCIE R&S. We are ourselves Cisco Certified professionals with the CCNA R&S, CCDA, CCNA Voice, and CCNP Voice.We realized that these same voice labs were basically small office phone systems, that had not been setup and programmed.

We also realized that each VoIP PBX System had fundamentally the same cookie cutter configuration. With some customization and support we could very easily install and maintain these systems remotely. We could easily extend our Technical Expertise without having to charge a customer outrageous trip charges or high hourly rates. After all, if we could write the training materials, and with using good as new original Cisco hardware, small business owners could have the benefits of advanced IT Infrastructure without the high cost. We stock and maintain our own warehouse of original Cisco product. We offer our own 1 Year no fault warranty to all our VoIP PBX Express customers. The same technical support center that is available for our certifying lab customers, is open for installation, support and maintenance of small office phone systems and networks.

We database every configuration and can replicate installed systems in a matter of seconds. We are available for Installation, Configuration, Consulting for small business customers 100 phones and less. We can provide our standard phone systems and networks or we can do customized proposals as well.


VoIP PBX Express and our Unique Value Proposition

There are many small businesses where an onsite VoIP PBX is clearly the best solution. The customers want to take advantage of the low monthly cost of phone lines and/or they require system performance you can only have with a IP PBX. The two biggest negatives of VoIP PBX Systems are that they are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain. Both have been true for a very long time… Cisco, for example, is a workhorse product. Solid. Cisco can be difficult to configure and program. It is so sophisticated; the number of available options is enormous. It was our goal at VoIP PBX Express to find a better and more efficient way to bring costs down.

We have accomplished just that. We use standard small business template applications to match your individual needs to correlating programming modules. We stage systems in house as opposed to installing them onsite and when we send the system out it is 90% plug and play. We can access systems remotely to add efficiency to configuring, troubleshooting, and remotely managing each IP PBX. Our project managers have become small business VoIP PBX installation experts and each install averages less than 2 hours (with training).

As a result, the overall cost drops and we offer reduced price SafeNet Premium Service Agreements where we spare each item of the complete VoIP PBX System and provide priority technical support on demand. Many small business owners and managers have learned a small amount about I.T. in the last decade, having to network their own computers. Cat5, network switches, etc. This makes it easy for us to explain over the phone how to connect the Cat5 cables involved. It allows the small business owner to use their basic network knowledge to enable us to deliver complex Cisco and Networking expertise, but in a more cost efficient method… and we pass the savings along in the low system prices.

What is the Remote-Assisted Install Process?

After receiving your order, a Project Manager from VoIP PBX Express will be assigned to you. The Project Manager is responsible for seeing you through the process of installation. First, your Project Manager will send you a “Site Survey”. The site survey is a way for us to gather information about your new phone system. Details like names, extensions, call-flow, auto-attendant and voicemail will all be discussed here. Simply Fill out the survey and return it to your Project Manager. If you have any questions regarding the survey, give us a call and an engineer will be happy to assist you in completing it.

Once we have all the information needed for the phone system, it is setup in one of our staging areas. You system is pre-programmed and configured according to the site survey. It is then tested thoroughly, shrink wrapped, labeled, and packed to ship. Tracking information will be emailed once the order has left the facility. This process takes about 1 week, if you need an expedite, just let us know.

The next step is then to schedule your “Remote Assisted Install” date. This time is set aside for our technician to coordinate with your IT person to install the phone system and finish any programming changes. Because everything is programmed and tested ahead of time, the actual setup is 90% plug-and-play. There is a detailed network diagram and you only have to power on the devices and connect a few Cat5/6 network ports. Again, a technician will be on the phone to help you throughout the entire process. After your successful install, your Project Manager will get back on the phone to do a detailed user training on how to operate your system and phones. With this you have 7 days for moves/adds/changes which allows you some flexibility during the settling in period, in case you want something configured differently. And of course it all comes packaged in a 1 year warranty with live support 7am – 5pm.

What is a Safe-Net Service Agreement?

SafeNet is our Premium Maintenance Agreement that allows customers to purchase On-Going Service Contracts for better Equipment Coverage and Service Response Levels.

SafeNet distinguishes you as a Priority. You have access to an exclusive phone number and Emergency Service if you require.

We stock spares for all SafeNet customers. It’s not often that equipment will fail, but it does happen occasionally. As a SafeNetcustomer, you will never have to worry about replacement parts. We will stock spares in our warehouse just for SafeNet customers and if you do need a part, we will cover your overnight USPS Express shipping.

For planning and consulting, we will always have a Cisco Certified Professional available to answer your technical questions, even about your data network and at $7 per phone per month it covers your entire PBX System for a Very Low Cost of ownership.

Safe-Net Premium Service:

  • Agreement Highlights

  • Replacement Spares

  • Immediately Available

  • 1000s of Phones in Stock, 100s of Systems

  • Never be without a Spare

  • Priority Customer Support

  • Service Calls Answered & Handled First

  • Priority Incoming Phone Line

  • Online Live Monitoring

  • CPU, Memory, FAN, Interface watched Real Time

  • Intricate Network Troubleshooting

  • Instant Configuration Access for Quick Changes

  • Emergency Support Available 24/7

  • Primary Support 7am-5pm PST

What are our published Terms and Conditions?

You can view our terms and conditions here.

Are these Phone Systems Refurbished?

Absolutely Yes they Are. And they Look Brand New!

All items are original Cisco hardware and are completely refurbished Cisco Phone to be in Just-Like-New condition. We guarantee all items to be in this state when you receive them. Each system is cleaned thoroughly inside and out. The fans are lubed with silicone spray and the paint retouched or repainted.

Each part / phone is labbed up in our testing facilities with your specific configurations. All the phones and phone lines are tested and configured. The AutoAttendant and VoiceMail are setup as well.When each part is verified as in perfect condition, the phones and phone system are shrink wrapped and labeled. Each phone shows name and extension for easy placement once you receive them.

All phones and phone system carry a 1 Year Warranty where we will replace any item that is defective, regardless of the reason. Our warehouse carries hundreds of phones and phone systems in stock at all times. We have, on staff, Cisco Certified Network Professionals that specialize in Cisco VoIP Services (CCNP Voice).

Clean Original Cisco at a Budget Price with a Quality Provider you can Trust will serve your Phone Needs Now and in the Future.



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