Cisco Small Business Phone Systems

A Cisco VoIP System is cutting-edge equipment featuring with everything a small business would need in a phone system. Owing to world-class features, a Cisco VoIP System has become number 1 choice among small businesses. As name indicates, VoIP or Voice Internet Protocol enables both data and voice travel on a single network. There are many reasons that can convince you to consider Cisco small business phone system for your office premises.    

What Is a VoIP PBX and How It Works? 

But first, you need to understand the basics of a VoIP PBX phone system. Basically, it is a phone system that works on your local network (LAN) and / or your own high-speed internet set-up. It is a brilliant full-featured communications solution for startups to medium sized businesses. As it is comprehensible, inexpensive and easy to set-up, the demand of a Cisco small business phone system is increasing by every minute. Every piece of information including voice, video and other data can be shared and transferred on this secure network.  

It is designed specially to cater to almost every single need of small businesses for a really minimal monthly feel. It can be set-up within a few minutes and don’t require technical support and hardware as such. A Cisco VoIP System consists of a good number of features that enables the employees to share the data in professional approach.  Auto receptionist, voice mail, and notification with every message, etc. are some important features of this smart communication system. 

Why Should You Move to a VoIP PBX?   

Simplifying the communication inside the office premises is the main job done by this tool. It controls overall business communications and permits the companies to minimize the phone lines and wiring connections to connect the workforce. A Cisco small business phone system offers high productivity and offer safe network for fast communication. The employees of the company must be able to send reports professionally. Using this tool, reporting capabilities can be obtained. 
•    A Cisco VoIP System can be resided on the existing network. As the server is only a located on a short distance, so the employees don’t experience any latency. It does not travel over the network but work on local area network.  
•    Both monthly cost and initial cost of a Cisco small business phone system is reasonable. Operating costs of IP-PBX is relativity lower in compare to other communication systems and hosted VoIP. 
•    A Cisco small business phone system is quite easy to install and configure. It is very well familiar to computer savvy people having some knowledge of network. It does not require technical support and hardware equipment. 
•    In compare to traditional PBXs, IP-PBX is more user-friendly and easy to operate. Changes and additions are trouble-free with it. As this tool is IP based, the connection can be shifted to one location to other. The days are gone when various connections needs to be changed to a move a phone. 
•    Having a facility to receive and listen messages from outbox inbox together with PDFs of faxes improves communication and productivity. When it is integrated with other work applications, it can boost the performance of your workforce. 
•    Move to VoIP PBX today if you are still using traditional PBX! 
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