5 Essential Benefits Small Businesses Can Utilize with Multi-Line Phone Systems

Having a robust and cost-effective communication interface in place is a key necessity for each and every business nowadays, with intense global competition around. This becomes more vital for a small or medium-sized business, as they need to invest categorically on their resources for maximized business returns. A VoIP Multi-Line Phone Systems (Voice over IP PBX) is one such rapidly growing technology, which has made phone calling highly beneficial for businesses in comparison to traditional phone calls.

There are a number of benefits that a firm can avail by integrating VoIP, which works by utilizing the local area network (LAN) & internet. We look at some of the key benefits of VoIP:


1.    Reduced cost on long-distance calls

If you are engaging in regular conversations with your clients and partners located far off, then having a VoIP Multi-Line Phone System can help you save lots of money on long-distance calls. It converts the caller’s voice to data and transfers that to the receiver’s VoIP Multi-Line Phone System over internet, thus reducing call charges.

2.    Extended features without any cost

The availability of key features with a VoIP Multi-Line Phone System, like Voicemail, Conferencing, Forwarding, Caller ID, and unlimited long distance calls without any extra cost is an extremely fruitful benefit, which traditional phone system do not provide.

3.    Phone portability

The traditional phone systems have a dedicated line, so moving your phone to another place keeping the same number is not possible (you have to call your phone service operator for a number update at the new place). This problem has been effectively addressed by the Multi-Line Phone System, which allows usage of the number virtually all over, where you have a proper IP connectivity.

4.    Unified connections

A VoIP Multi-Line Phone System also provides feature of connecting with other communications media. It offers combination of e-mail with VoIP, which allows users to access voicemails through email, thus providing extra convenience. Some of the phones can also work in voice over wireless mode (VoWLAN), which helps in saving airtime minutes.

5.    Easier management of Multi-Line Phone System

The GUI/web based configuration of Multi-Line Phone System helps to easily and seamlessly maintain and fine-tune the phone system, which is hard with traditional phone systems as they can be managed only by phone technicians.

Amongst various VoIP Multi-Line Phone System phone service providers, the most recognizable name is a Cisco Multi-Line Phone System. The company provides an extensive category of systems in the VoIP Multi-Line Phone System domain. A Cisco Multi-Line Phone System is extensively beneficial for small businesses as well as mid-size businesses.