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After receiving your order, a Project Manager from VoIP PBX Express will be assigned to you. The Project Manager is responsible for seeing you thru the process of installation.

First, your Project Manager will send you a “Site Survey”. The site survey is a way for us to gather information about your new phone system. Details like names, extensions, call-flow, auto-attendant and voicemail will all be discussed here. Simply Fill out the survey and return it to your Project Manager. If you have any questions regarding the survey, give us a call and an engineer will be happy to assist you in completing it.

Once we have all the information needed for the phone system, it is setup in one of our staging areas. You system is pre-programmed and configured according to the site survey. It is then tested thoroughly, shrink wrapped, labeled, and packed to ship. Tracking information will be emailed once the order has left the facility. This process takes about 1 week, if you need an expedite, just let us know.

The next step is then to schedule your “Remote Assisted Install” date. This time is set aside for our technician to coordinate with your IT person to install the phone system and finish any programming changes. Because everything is programmed and tested ahead of time, the actual setup is 90% plug-and-play. There is a detailed network diagram and you only have to power on the devices and connect a few Cat5/6 network ports. Again, a technician will be on the phone to help you throughout the entire process. After your successful install, your Project Manager will get back on the phone to do a detailed user training on how to operate your system and phones. With this you have 7 days for moves/adds/changes which allows you some flexibility during the settling in period, in case you want something configured differently. And of course it all comes packaged in a 1 year warranty with live support 7am – 5Project Manager PST

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